Recent publications (from 2016)


Clarisse Dhaenens, Laetitia Jourdan, "Metaheuristics for Big Data" 1st Edition, 212 pages Wiley-ISTE, 2016 ISBN-13: 978-1848218062, ISBN-10: 1848218060 



Sophie Jacquin, Fanny Dufossé and Laetitia Jourdan, An Exact Algorithm for the Bi-Objective Timing Problem, accepted in Optimization Letters journal.
J. Jacques; V. Vandewalle; M. Vandromme; E. Chazard; C. Preda; A. Amarioarei; M. Chaiwuttisak; C. Cozma; G. Ficheur; M-E. Kessaci; R. Perichon; J. Taillard; R. Bordet; A. Lansiaux; L. Jourdan; D. Delerue; A. Hansske; C. Dhaenens ClinMine: Optimizing the management of patients in hospital, IRBM - Innovation and Research in BioMedical Engineering, Elsevier, Accepted
Maxence Vandromme, Julie Jacques, Julien Taillard, Arnaud. Hansske, Laetitia Jourdan and Clarisse Dhaenens, Extraction and optimization of classification rules for temporal sequences: application to hospital data, Knowledge Based System, Vol. 122, pp. 148-158, 2017
Sophie Jacquin, Laetitia Jourdan, El-Ghazali Talbi A Multi-objective Dynamic Programming Based Metaheuristic to Solve a Bi-objective Unit Commitment Problem using a Multi-objective Decoder , International Journal of Metaheuristics, vol: 5(1): 3-30 (2016)

International Conferences

Aymeric Blot, Laetitia Jourdan, Marie-Éléonore Kessaci-Marmion, Automatic Design of Multi-Objective Local Search Algorithms, GECCO 2017, ACM, 227--234, Berlin (Germany), July 2017 (best paper nomination)

Lucien Mousin, Marie-Éléonore Kessaci-Marmion and Clarisse Dhaenens, An Iterated Greedy-based Approach Exploiting Promising Sub-Sequences of Jobs to solve the No-Wait Flowshop Scheduling Problem,  MIC 2017.

Aymeric Blot, Laetitia Jourdan, Marie-Éléonore Kessaci-Marmion : AMH: a new Framework to Design Adaptive Metaheuristics, MIC 2017.

Maxence Vandromme, Julie Jacques, Julien Taillard, Laetitia Jourdan and Clarisse Dhaenens, A local search-based multi-objective metaheuristic for biclustering on heterogeneous data,  MIC 2017.
Lucien Mousin, Marie-Éléonore Kessaci-Marmion and Clarisse Dhaenens, A new constructive heuristic for the No-Wait Flowshop Scheduling Problem, LION 2017

Aymeric Blot, Alexis Pernet, Laetitia Jourdan, Marie-Éléonore Kessaci-Marmion, Holger Hoos, Automatically Configuring Multi-objective Local Search using Multi-objective Optimisation, EMO 2017, LNCS, 61--76, Münster (Germany), March 2017

Marie-Éléonore Kessaci-Marmion, Clarisse Dhaenens, Jérémie Humeau, Neutral Neighbors in Bi-objective Optimization: Distribution of the most promising for permutation problems, EMO 2017, LNCS, 344--358, Münster (Germany), March 2017


Maxence Vandromme, Julie Jacques, Julien Taillard, Laetitia Jourdan and Clarisse Dhaenens, A scalable biclustering method for heterogeneous medical data, Second International Workshop on Machine Learning, Optimization and Big Data - MOD 2016, LNCS 10122, 2016
Marie-Éléonore Marmion, Hernán Aguirre, Clarisse Dhaenens, Laetitia Jourdan, Kyoshi Tanaka, Multi-objective Neutral Neighbors: What could be the definition(s)?, GECCO 2016, ACM, 349--356, Denver (USA), July 2016 best paper nomination

Aymeric Blot, Holger Hoos, Laetitia Jourdan, Marie-Éléonore Kessaci-Marmion, Heike Trautmann, MO-ParamILS: A Multi-objective Automatic Algorithm Configuration Framework, LION 2016, LNCS, 32--47, Ischia (Italy), June 2016

Lucien Mousin, Laetitia Jourdan, Marie-Éléonore Kessaci-Marmion, Clarisse Dhaenens, Feature Selection using Tabu Search with Learning Memory: Learning Tabu Search, LION 2016, LNCS, 141--156, Ischia (Italy), June 2016
Dufourny Sylvain and Dhaenens Clarisse: Optimization of business game decisions, IFAC / IEEE / IFORS / IFIP / INFORMS Conference on Manufacturing Modelling, Management, and Control, MIM, p271-276, 2016.


National Conferences

  Anne-Lise Bedenel, Laetitia Jourdan and Christophe Biernacki : Estimation de probabilités par algorithme génétique, ROADEF 2018, Lorient, France.