Two new journal articles in January

ORKAD has published two new journal articles in January 2018

  • Sophie Jacquin, Fanny Dufossé and Laetitia Jourdan, An Exact Algorithm for the Bi-Objective Timing Problem, accepted in Optimization Letters journal.
  • J. Jacques; V. Vandewalle; M. Vandromme; E. Chazard; C. Preda; A. Amarioarei; M. Chaiwuttisak; C. Cozma; G. Ficheur; M-E. Kessaci; R. Perichon; J. Taillard; R. Bordet; A. Lansiaux; L. Jourdan; D. Delerue; A. Hansske; C. Dhaenens ClinMine: Optimizing the management of patients in hospital, IRBM - Innovation and Research in BioMedical Engineering, Elsevier, Accepted

Congrats to the authors !